“Don’t Push My Buttons!” e-Book


Don’t Push My Buttons! Partnering with God to Respond Instead of React is filled with stories that take you, step-by-step, through skills that will enhance your emotional self-awareness and self-regulation. Reflection and discussion questions are provided to guide self-exploration or a group experience with trusted friends.

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If you had a choice, would you rather respond or react? Most of us would choose to respond because reacting usually doesn’t serve us well. If you’ve ever regretted doing or saying something because you reacted too fast, “Don’t Push My Buttons!” is for you! Unlearning emotional reactivity begins with knowing what your emotional buttons are. The good news is that there are only 3 buttons and we all share the same ones.

“Don’t Push My Buttons!” will equip you to be your best self by introducing a reframing skill that goes beyond feelings. Feelings are valuable information, but there’s a whole lot more that goes on when our buttons get pushed. This story-rich, practical application guide will get you to the core of what actually needs to be reframed, and then equip you to reframe it with God’s truth. It’s from that sacred space of standing in God’s truth, that our emotional needs are actually transformed.

Knowing what your buttons are, and developing the proffered emotional intelligence skills, that build self-awareness and self-regulation, will help you to operate above your feelings. So, say goodbye to reacting, and say hello to responding with an intelligent self-control that helps you look more like Christ.

“Don’t Push My Buttons!” is delivered in ePub and Mobi formats. For optimal formatting results we recommend the ePubREADER app. You can find it for free in the app store.