Values Assessment Step 4


Congratulations on completing your values assessment! Below you will find the list of your values in order of priority. The percentage tells you how often you chose that value over others. Your top value leads the rest and has the strongest impact on how you live your life.

You can learn more about how values interact and impact each other through a short tutorial. This next step will help you see, for example, the effects your top values may have on your happiness.

Simply click the button below to experience the Values Assessment Tutorial. It is the first step in learning how values operate and how you can understand the impact of your own results in more detail.

An email has been sent to you that will allow you to print or download your results. If you would like to dig even deeper and see how your values specifically drive your life, contact me for an individualized coaching session. You will be able to clarify and understand what really makes you happy and what you’re willing to sacrifice your happiness for. This can shift paradigms or confirm commitments to what you believe is important in your life. You’ll gain insight into what brings you peace and discover areas in your life that drive your purpose. I can’t wait to help you better understand what that might be!