There was a woman who was in my life for less than 5 minutes. She said no more than 8 words, she never told me her name and she remains faceless in my mind to this very day, but she profoundly impacted me in a way that has shaped who I am today.    This … Read more


In a conversation with a co-worker many years ago, she described me as religious and I found myself deeply offended. She didn’t accuse me of it, or even compliment me of it; it was part of a deeper conversation surrounding death, illness and suffering. She just sort of made note of it.     I … Read more

PONDER – The kitchen table

PONDER: verb, 1. to consider deeply; meditate. 2. to weigh carefully in the mind. – Syn. 1. Reflect, cogitate, deliberate, ruminate. Witness & Ponder came about because I wanted to share pictures of Christ moving in others (Witness) and deep thoughts that make me wonder, question and ultimately affirm the life of grace that I … Read more

THE BEGINNING – The Marble Block

My story begins with a telling tale about a woman’s relationship with God at a pivotal stage in life.  It started a journey into a spectacular realm of love and grace with irrevocable changes.  Below is just a portion of this tale, which occurred decades ago. Some of you may have already heard my Marble Block story, … Read more