Smack dab between Christmas and New Year’s is a time of review for me. I look back on the year and identify areas of learning, gratitude, resilience, letting go, and acceptance. With introspection I ponder things with God, and then look toward the future with hope and hopefully a bit more wisdom.

I thought of you as I was doing this. I wondered how do you trace time and evaluate its impact? I’d love to hear any tips, trick, or traditions you have. I believe it’s important to mark and celebrate the whole of what life has delivered inside of 365 days.

So, in the spirit of review I have combed through all my blog posts and categorized them in case you wanted to focus on a particular virtue or spiritual attribute to enhance in 2020. I realize the way I write doesn’t make it easy to know what’s in each blog if you miss a social media post or email that explains it. But I am a creative, non-fiction writer and I made the decision, early on, to keep things creative.

For instance, unless you read The Cat post you would never know that it lays out the differences between shame and guilt. Or that Trenchwork was all about pride. Under a bit of pressure I titled a post One Easy Way to Increase Your EQ, but it didn’t feel like me, so I’ve since kept to cryptic titles like Uugh!, which actually speaks to the power of obedience.

Then there are the wonderful Witness posts that testify to how people are living out their faith. Such as my tribute to, my mother-in-law, Ruth’s gentle life in Ruthful, or how your belief or unbelief impacts your prayers in Linda Faith. One of the most interesting situations God has put me in was a random meeting with a woman in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. Sandra the JewBu’s story is a heartbreaking account of spiritual wandering in the face of an overt gesture by Jesus. It brings to light how we all must Listen and have ears to hear.

Because I am passionate about delivering solutions for emotional and spiritual harmony, all of the blogs have an aspect of emotional intelligence wrapped in faith. A popular one was the Grace Shield post which explained the differences between pity, sympathy, empathy and compassion.

Find something that interests you by clicking on one of these topics and it will take you to a list of posts to choose from. Or you can simply scroll through this post, or use the search field of my website.

Thanks for reading what God has given me to share. I’m praying that 2020 brings you closer to God, in every situation, and in every relationship. Blessings~




7 Tips to Shape Your Goals7 Tips to Shape Your GoalsLinda Faith Giving
A Bright Humble LightA Hard ThanksMentoring Phase 3 
CHANGE (Part 2) Change Your MindCHANGE (Part 1) ImitateMore of Me The Cat
Disciple-MakersCHANGE (Part 2) Change Your MindNot Happy 7 Tips to Shape Your Goals
Good MenCHANGE (Part 3) RemainPhase 3  Linda Faith
MentoringConundrumSanctuaries The Cafeteria Lady
One Easy Way to Increase your EQDisciple-MakersSandra, the JewbuTaking a Turn
SanctuariesDon’t Call Me ReligiousThe Beginning – The Marble Block Rest
Grace Shield Trench Work Grace Shield 
IdentityUugh A Bright Humble Light
Left Lane LoaferWho Do You Say I Am?One Easy Way to Increase your EQ
Living On Purpose

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A Bright Humble LightA Bright Humble LightLeft Lane Loafer One Easy Way to Increase your EQ
LEADERSHIP (Part 2) Following to CareCHANGE (Part 1) ImitateLiving On Purpose CHANGE (Part 1) Imitate
CHANGE (Part 2) Change Your MindCHANGE (Part 2) Change Your MindMentoring CHANGE (Part 2) Change Your Mind
Not EnoughCHANGE (Part 3) RemainMore of Me CHANGE (Part 3) Remain
The CatGood MenNot Enough LEADERSHIP (Part 1) Failing to Care
Disciple-MakersGrace Shield Reality Testing LEADERSHIP (Part 2) Following to Care
ComplainingLEADERSHIP (Part 1) Failing to CareSanctuaries A Bright Humble Light
Trench WorkLEADERSHIP (Part 2) Following to CareWho Do You Say I Am? Living On Purpose
A Hard Thanks More of Me
Don’t Pray for Patience Grace Shield 

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7 Tips to Shape Your GoalsNot EnoughFear
UughGivingNot Enough
Who Do You Say I Am?Trench WorkLeft Lane Loafer
ConundrumUughAnorexia vs. a Small Voice
Disciple-MakersTaking a Turn
Trench WorkRest
Phase 3 Ruthful
Don’t Call Me ReligiousTrench Work

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