We are all doing the best we can, but sometimes we get stuck, overwhelmed, and need clarity, which robs us of our peace.

If you’ve never been coached before, here are four reasons why Christian life coaching works:







Inviting God


1. Partnership: You don’t have to go it alone. Telling someone else what you’d like to achieve helps bring that dream or goal into being.

2. Champion: Rarely do any of us have someone who can support and affirm us in ways that a coach does. I am YOUR champion, and during all the growth you experience, I will be encouraging and cheering you on!

3. Objectivity: The coaching call is sacred space with no judgement and an additional pair of eyes that can see things that you can’t. To be heard and affirmed in that way is an extravagant gift of the coaching experience.

4. Inviting God: The reason this works so well is because we invite God to be the biggest part of the process. God honors your commitment of time and money and fully engages in the work with you. The most exciting things happen in between coaching calls!

As a certified, professional life coach I regularly help my clients find peace and purpose, and I can help you too.

The way that happens is for you to know both God and yourself, as best as you can. That sounds simple, but the problem is that most Difference Makers “know better” (because the Bible tells you) but need more “know-how” in order to actually do what the Bible says. This gap can be really frustrating and discouraging.

Watch this video to see how I can help!

The truth is that you can’t be spiritually mature unless you are emotionally mature.
I understand that internal struggle, which is why in Christian coaching I work with the Lord to increase
emotional awareness and “know-how” through biblical strategies and skills that weave emotional intelligence (EQ) into spiritual growth.

Here's How I Do That!

Self-study options provide an accessible way to develop your, or your team’s “know-how”.

Team or Group coaching builds consensus and transformation across your organization.

One-on-One coaching tailors skills to your specific goals.

Schedule a free discovery call today to see which option is best for you.

And in the meantime, start by getting to know yourself better by taking my free Values assessment. As your Life Coach I can help you stop feeling frustrated or disappointed. With the Lord, and me as your champion, you can experience more peace and purpose in your life.