You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:3


Below are resources that can help you know-how to attain them.

Making a difference begins with making a difference in yourself first.
Self-leadership is the starting place for everyone,
and God wants to be the biggest part of that!


A personal mission statement identifies the way God has created you to contribute to the world. Moreover, it provides peace around your purpose, and gives you clarity and confidence to make a difference in the right way, and in the right places. 

In 5 thoughtful steps the Connect the Dots online training will reveal:

What You Do Well
 Who You Are Meant to Serve
What Motivates You Most

God built you for a purpose. So discover
His calling on your life today, by enrolling in Connect the Dots!


If you had a choice, would you rather respond or react? If you’ve ever regretted doing or saying something because you reacted too fast, “Don’t Push My Buttons!” is for you! Unlearning emotional reactivity begins with knowing what your emotional buttons are. The good news is that there are only 3 buttons and we all share the same ones.

Knowing what your buttons are, and developing the proffered emotional intelligence skills, that build self-awareness and self-regulation, will help you to operate above your feelings. So, click here and say goodbye to reacting, and say hello to a best self that responds with an intelligent self-control that helps you look more like Christ.

Note: Small group questions are included so you can experience it with others!


Values define and shape who we are.  What many don’t know is that they have a
pecking order that impacts our decisions and ultimately our happiness.

Do you know what your values are, and which specific one steers your life?
Find out now by taking my free Values Assessment, then follow it up by watching a short Values Tutorial.


Christian meditation is different that Eastern meditation.  In Christian meditation we fill our minds with Scripture and the name of our Savior.  Meditation is Biblical:

  • The Psalms are full of direction to meditate on God’s word; Psalm 119 alone, mentions meditating on God’s teaching 3 different times.
  • In Joshua 1:8, sandwiched in between verses that say be strong and courageous, Joshua says to meditate on God’s word day and night.


This is a holiday meditation that includes instructions of how to do a breath prayer. A breath prayer is an emotional management skill that I coach.  It can help you control and manage your emotions, right on the spot!  It’s great when you become impatient, or anxious, or want to focus your mind. Most importantly of all, it beckons the power of the Holy Spirit to help you manage your emotions, which helps you look more like Christ.

The first two minutes of the meditation are instructions and introduce the practice of the breath prayer. The mediation follows right after, at the 2:06 minute mark, and lasts about seven minutes.  Just click on the image to begin!

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