Latest podcast series: Connect the Dots with Coach Karyn

If you have ever asked yourself, “What am I here for?” Or, “How am I supposed to use the gifts God’s given me?” Well, you’re in the right place! This series will help you explore your mission, vision and purpose. By listening in as I coach someone else to their mission, you may gain your own direction, clarity and peace. With a mission statement you’ll also know when to say yes and when to say no, which reduces stress and builds margin in your life. 
So, leave stuck, or confused behind and follow along to figure out your own God-given mission this side of heaven. 

Note: This series is especially effective when you experience it with others. So gather a few close friends and dive into the discoveries that God has waiting for you!

Discover your God-give mission this side of heaven!

Welcome to my podcast Witness & Ponder with Coach Karyn.

This audio space is meant to be a more convenient way for you to ponder why you do what you do, learn ways to do what you want to do, as well as witness inspiring accounts of others who have already figured it out. Through rich stories and direct coaching prompts, you’ll be able to increase the difference you’re making too!

So while you’re driving, exercising, or doing anything else where you can engage your auditory learning, tune in on all podcast platforms and venture into internal spaces that will lead you to more emotional and spiritual harmony.

Note: Each episode is ideal Small Group material to discuss and grow in community with others!