Imagine you are at a concert of your favorite artist.  The music surrounds you, it builds and ebbs and fills you.  You transcend time and space, caught up in the bubble of melody and percussion while the rhythm and mood transport you elsewhere.  It doesn’t matter what style of music or what type of song, … Read more


Generosity…the word makes my brain snap to thoughts of money, or at least to the thoughts of money I wish I had.  I have this unfortunate memory of asking an artistic friend to make personalized book marks for a handful of women who were helping me with a presentation.  My friend is an incredible artist … Read more


It was a bad day.  A usual, run of the mill bad day that was cluttered with catching all red lights, red line traffic, lost erring, dead batteries, burnt dinner and tight clothes.  The kind of day that eroded my tolerance as the hours marched on.  No single annoyance was enough to set me off … Read more


When you picture God, what do you see? Whatever picture, thought or feeling you experience, potentially reveals inner secrets to your identity. I recently learned this while being trained in Freedom Prayer.  The instructors had us close our eyes and asked us to create an image of God in our minds.  Some people saw their … Read more


There has been a constant companion in my life, who I didn’t like much.  He’s cast shadows across my days since I was a toddler. He’s not a person. He’s an expectation of behavior that changes within cultures; a real moving target. He can be oppressive and stifle spirits, but he can also offer safety … Read more


[STORY BACKDROP] My ninety-one year old mother-in-law, affectionately known as Grandma Ruth, moved in with us this spring. She lived with my sister-in-law, Pat, until Pat passed away last fall from ALS.  Pat owned a cat, who Grandma Ruth named and inherited.  She called him Scotty. My husband’s name is Scott. Yes, this is just … Read more

Reality Testing

WHAT’S REAL? What is real these days? Entertainment gives us reality TV, which isn’t so real because most of it is highly manipulated by the producers to elicit shocking outcomes.  And then there’s the news. Nowadays we have real news and fake news… yes, one of the latest trending topics has been about “fake news”. … Read more


It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged.  The silence has felt like a spiritually induced ‘hold’.  I’ve written, but haven’t been moved to post. This blog has actually taken 3 different turns itself. It’s definitely been a strange time. While I enjoyed writing about people who live out loud for Jesus, as well as … Read more