Coaching Check In: 3 Session Package


This is a great package for when you’ve already done work through one of the 4+ session bundles. This is how you can sustain your momentum by keeping the accountability and support going. These special 30-minute, laser focused sessions are designed to continue your success in the specific area you’ve already been coached on. It’s a great use for monthly or quarterly check in’s as you continue to strive toward your goal!

Package of 3 laser focused, 30 minute coaching sessions.

10% website discount available.
20% verified Ministry Leader discount available.
– Discount Code obtained during Discovery Session.



All coaching takes place either in person (local), or via phone or Zoom, anywhere in the world. Package sessions are designed to be used weekly or bi-weekly for optimum progress, unless they are Check-In sessions. In most cases additional sessions are eligible at a discounted rate. All package sessions need to be completed within 6 months of first coaching session.