CHANGE – (Part Three)

REMAIN He’s older and getting frightfully older by the minute. Have you ever looked at someone and could see them aging right before your eyes? Hear the new crackle in their voice? Catch a verbal flub or memory lapse? Watch clear eyes turn watery? It’s an unsettling feeling to watch the tail-end of time transpire … Read more


FAILING TO CARE She contemptuously flicked her thick, pointy thumb nail off her coffee-stained teeth and said, “You won by ONE VOTE.” I was in 7th grade and had just been elected as the Secretary of the Student Council. She was Mrs. Bennett, an elderly, austere teacher who oversaw the student leadership. She obviously wasn’t … Read more


I found myself squeezed between two towers of never-ending cardboard packages in the back of a UPS truck. I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised that my REM sleep would take me there after a night of online shopping! In this dream an angel appeared beside me. His spectacular wings were tall and neatly … Read more


Why am I here? Has that weighty question about your purpose ever settled over you? It’s a question that philosophers through the ages have tackled. There are many different views, however all views agree that purpose is a big deal. As Christians, our view is shaped by the good news of the work of Christ. … Read more


Shaping good goals is critical to your success. Different than your usual goal setting techniques, like SMART goals, (which is great!) these tips have to do with navigating your inner world not your organized and structured self, but the part of you that needs to be motivated and resilient, because that’s where the obstacles to … Read more


Happiness is like a little pixie all of us like to chase.  She can be elusive and sometimes even stubborn.  In her absence she leaves our soul cluttered with emotional debris that we kick out of the way in our attempt to forge through life. We become bogged down in circumstances and relationships that seem … Read more


I’m sure if I asked you to recall a time you didn’t have enough of something, you’d come up with an example pretty quick.  I know I can!  It’s easy for me to think of times I needed more money, energy, knowledge, talent, time, and so much more. I remember a specific time, though, when … Read more


“Get out! Get out!” The words ripped through my throat as I stood paralyzed, thigh high deep in the ocean.  I screamed over the roar of the waves and the din of vacationers to my, then, 10-year-old son, floating on his boogie board. Unbeknownst to him, a few yards deeper, a dark fin was steadily slicing through … Read more


I love to road trip, and my favorite partner to road trip with is my husband.  Through the years we’ve developed traveling rhythms and travel roles. I arrange the luggage in the trunk, he shuts down the house.  He fills the car with gas before we leave, I route the GPS.  We both share the … Read more