As a young woman I was constructed by the world’s expectations.  I had siding and a roof on top, but inside was a different story.  At first I thought the inside was empty, but what I realized was that the inside was filled with distortions of the truth; wishes of who I would like to be and shame for who I wasn’t.  In that warped mix was frustration from trying to be who I wasn’t and disappointment when I was successful at it.
My journey to my real self happened over many years and through a lot of tears, frustration and glimpses of joy.  These steps were taken hand in hand with Jesus, who enduringly anticipated his own moment of joy knowing that the simple touch of his hand would hold seismic effects on my heart. 
When I submitted myself to Jesus he renovated the inside with his truth. Truth that had to make its way through a lot of deception and self-gratification.  But his truth had the power to do that.  His truth brought more un-learning in my life than any acquisition of knowledge.  I un-learned my way back to him.  Already knowing somewhere deep down inside that his truth was my real truth too.  I could release my hold on the things I clung to that I thought would bring me fulfillment.  Instead, I grabbed on to him with my heart and released my grip of everything else in this world.  Only by holding everything loosely could I hold on to myself. My true self. Not my earthly self, but my eternal being which was made holy, full and complete by the God who created me.  The most loving God that pours truth into us when we submit and choose to believe.  When our attention is well developed beyond mortal distractions and honed in on the holy;  The holy that’s in our spiritual DNA, the holy that we are called to be, the holy that holds the promise of hope like no one, or anything else in this world.  The holy that says you are mine. The holy that commands: I AM holy, so you be holy too.

I am holy when I look outside myself and see and serve the other holies.  Together we create a blanket of holy across this earth.  That’s the Body of Christ in its truest form.  That’s the vehicle the Holy Spirit works through to bring holy to a fallen world.  I won’t think of the struggle to be holy right now, I’m just going to revel in God’s vision of His Spirit in us all, spanning the globe and covering it in his love.  In my mind it is a beautiful picture of a patchwork quilt that has the image of the cross stretched across it.  Stitched in a sacrificial love and covered in grace.  An irresistible holy that envelopes, heals and transforms. A spectacular holy I’m privileged to be a part of and compelled to share!

As a Christian Life Coach I walk with others on similar paths.  If you’d like some company on your journey with Jesus and want to move from where you are to where he wants you to be, then let’s chat.  He may have prepared me in advance just to coach and champion you at this very time.    

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