Don’t Push My Buttons! Group Coaching


Don’t Push My Buttons! Group Coaching is a virtual 6 week experience that provides space for you to take your self-mastery journey into community and explore, in a safe and supportive environment, how to get rid of emotional clutter and gain more emotional self-awareness and self-regulation. You will be able to dig deeper, practice emotional regulation skills, as well as give and receive supportive accountability from others who are seeking the same.


  • 30 minute Discovery Call before the program begins.
  • Free Don’t Push My Buttons! eBook (Coupon code provided in discovery call.)
  • Six (6) 1.5 hour Group Coaching sessions – 6:30pm-8pm (CDT).
  • One Individual Coaching session discounted to $50 when scheduled within 2 weeks of the end of the coaching program.


  • Number of coaching sessions: 6 (Scheduled consecutively.)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Location: Virtual – Zoom meeting room.
  • Group size: min. 5 – max. 10 participants
  • Pay as you go options.
  • Money returned if progress isn’t experienced.
  • Inquire here for dates and availability.


“Don’t Push My Buttons!” Group Coaching will equip you to be your best self by digging deeper into the the reframing skill introduced in the eBook. Group Coaching will give you a safe arena to sharpen your learning and practice your skills. You will get to the core of your emotional triggers and equip yourself to reframe it with God’s truth, and reflect Christ better.

Knowing what your buttons are, and developing the proffered emotional intelligence skills, that build self-awareness and self-regulation, will help you to operate above your feelings. The added value of being in a group brings insights, affirmations and support from others with the same goal.